One of the best registers to come out the Great White North.”

Indie Rock Cafe



 "A voice that could stand out in crowds of thousands.... 

With his well-defined artistic goals and his plethora of musical talents to boot, Joel Strauss is bound to stay on the up-and-up, and Cross the Desert will serve that trajectory just as well as it serves the ears." - The East Mag

"...The perfect storm, if you will, of talent, courage and musicianship. ...Music that touches the heart, body, and mind. Not many bands pull off this feat." 

"One of the most unique voices in the current indie scene." 
- 2017 review

"I would drive down the street with it, put it on my iPad – I’m going to play it all day. As of a matter fact, I’m going to sneak it onto my son’s phone.” 
- Middle Tennessee Music


Joel Strauss is a Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of Fredericton, NB. He has received critical acclaim for crafting catchy, emotionally-engaging songs that blend indie folk, rock, and classic pop with a unique voice reminiscent of early Bob Dylan.  

He was the 2017 winner of the Hive Studios Songwriting Contest.  

His 2020 short-album “Cross The Desert” displays adept and poignant songwriting, percussive rhythm, and a gratifying performance.  


Now accepting bookings for 2021.  To book Joel for an event, house concert, or festival, please contact us with any inquiries.